Saving a Table as a Materialized Table

When saving to a materialized table, follow these steps:

  1. In the Create a materialized table or logical view modal window, fill out these fields:

    1. Enter the Name of the new table. We are using snp500_price_and_earnings.
    2. Choose the Type: Materialized table to permanently save query results.
    3. [If creating a Materialized Table] Choose Storage format, either Parquet or Text file.
    4. Under Create in database, choose an existing database where to save the table.
    5. [Optional] When creating a dataset as part of this operation, select the Create a new dataset... option, and enter the Dataset name.
    6. Click Create.
    Creating a New Materialized Table
  2. A success confirmation modal appears, with a link to the new default visual on the new dataset.

  3. Click the link to open a new default visual on the new dataset, in Edit mode.