Overview of Security Features

Security with Arcadia Data involves many components, including Role Based Access Control, which enables Admin users to exercise fine-grain control over data and feature access. Additionally, we use for LDAP, Apache Sentry, and Apache Ranger Security.

Read about Working with User Roles to configure roles, privileges, and members.

We further leverage the user roles to enable dataset creators and managers to share curated datasets with their organization, while exercising 3 levels of access control. See Publishing Datasets.

With Arcadia Enterprise, you can restrict some user's access to defined data segments, effectively Restricting Row-Level Access.

Arcadia Enterprise leverages authorization roles defined by Sentry or Ranger to deliver column-based access control to data in base tables, either through direct access or through analytical view routing. See Restricting Column-Level Access and Authorizing Access to Analytical Views.

Additionally, we use LDAP, Apache Sentry, and Apache Ranger.

This section includes the following topics: