Deleting Segments

Arcadia Enterprise lets you easily delete dataset segment definition.

Follow these steps to delete an existing dataset segment definition:

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Data.

  2. Select Flight Delays dataset.
  3. Dataset side navigation appears, open at Dataset Detail view.
  4. In the side navigation menu, click Segments.

  5. In the Segments list, find the segment to delete, and click Delete.

    In this example, we are deleting Short Flights.

    Clicking to delete 'Short Flights' segment
    Deleting a Segment
  6. A confirmation modal window appears. Click Delete.

    Confirming Deletion of a Segment
    Confirming Segment Deletion
  7. The segment Short Flights no longer appears in the Segments interface.

    Segments of the Dataset, Three Segments Defined
    Segments of the Dataset, Three Segments Defined