Obtaining and Using the Sheet's URL Parameter

The URL parameter of the sheet is very useful when you want to share navigation links and have the dashboard open on a specific sheet. By default, the dashboard opens on the first, or leftmost, sheet.

Tip. By design, the URL Parameter is based on the order of the sheet in the dashboard, not on a particular sheet ID. So, if you re-order the dashboard, the same parameter will open a different sheet.

To get the URL, the dashboard can be in either View or Edit mode.

  1. Select the sheet you want to move by clicking on its tab, at the bottom left corner of the interface. Here, we choose the third sheet of the dashboard.

  2. At the top right corner of the dashboard, click the (Supplemental) menu, and select the Get URL option.

  3. In the Copy the URL ... window modal, copy the URL parameter.

    Click Close.

  4. To test the URL, open a new browser window or tab, and paste the URL parameter into the address field.

    The following image demonstrates that our sample dashboard opened correctly, on the third sheet.