Refresh Analytical View

Analytical views can become stale over time. One reason for this would be the addition of a new partition to the base table. When this happens, the analytical view should be refreshed.

To refresh an analytical view, follow these steps:

  1. In the Visuals interface, select the dashboard.

  2. In the top menu, access the Supplemental menu by clicking the (ellipsis) icon, and then select Smart Acceleration.

  3. Click Get Analytical View Recommendations, as described in Get Analytical View Recommendation.

  4. In the Recommendation Manager, notice the analytical view with status Needs refresh. The status is in an amber color.

    should refresh analytical view
  5. In the Recommended Analytical Views table, click the (refresh) icon under Actions.

    refreshing analytical view
  6. When the refresh completes, the Recommendation Manager interface displays that all views are fresh.

    all possible analytical views are fresh

To schedule regular refreshes, see Scheduling Analytical View Refresh.