Get Analytical View Recommendation

The following steps show how to use the Recommendation Manager to request analytical views that accelerate your dashboard.

  1. In the main navigation bar, click Visuals.
  2. Find the dashboard to accelerate by using Search.

  3. Select the dashboard. We are using the previously defined dashboard DNS Activity.

    selecting an application
  4. In the top menu, access the Supplemental menu by clicking the (ellipsis) icon.

  5. In the menu, select Smart Acceleration.

    accelerating app
  6. The Recommendation Manager interface appears.

    The expanded view shows the dashboard elements (filters and visuals) to which the recommendations apply.

    Recommendation Manager offers possible accelerations, and the information that some items cannot be accelerated. If the dashboard already uses existing analytical views, this information appears in the Recommendation Summary column, too.

    Notice that in addition to providing a linked ID for the dashboard and each of its visuals, Title of each element, and Recommendation Summary, this interface also shows the Execution History for this dashboard. This history includes the status of the Local Cache, Standard (unaccelerated) run times, Accelerated run times for comparison, and status of Last Engine Execution.

    In this example, it is clear that the dashboard already uses 2 out of 4 possible accelerations, on Date filter p_dt_date, and on visual DNS EVENTS Timeline. The two recommendations are for the visuals dns Network Graph and DNS THREATS. Lastly, it cannot accelerate the visuals Top Suspicious dns EVENTS (Machine Learning) and DNS Drilldown.

    default Recommendation Manager interface
  7. Click Get Analytical View Recommendations.

    requesting recommendation
  8. After Smart Acceleration analyses the application and existing analytical views, it returns the results.

Proceed with Understanding the Recommendations.

Note that you should consider new acceleration recommendations after each significant change to the app, such as adding new visuals or filter parameters.