Scheduling Analytical View Refresh

To ensure that the analytical views remain fresh so queries route through them successfully, we recommend scheduling regular refresh operations.

Before you schedule an analytical view refresh, make sure you check the Enable scheduled jobs option under Jobs. See Managing Site Settings. If this option is disabled, you can still start analytical view refreshes manually, with immediate execution.

enable scheduled jobs

To schedule a refresh, follow these steps:

  1. In the Visuals interface, select the dashboard.

  2. In the top menu, access the Supplemental menu by clicking the (ellipsis) icon, and then select Smart Acceleration.

  3. Click Get Analytical View Recommendations.

  4. In the Recommendation Manager, select the analytical view that you want to refresh automatically, and click the (calendar) icon.

    scheduling refresh of analytical view
  5. In the Schedule Refresh for ... window modal, fill out the necessary information:

    • For Job Name, enter a name that represents the job.
    • From the Repeat menu, select one of the regular options (Hourly, Daily, Every Weekday, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly), an existing custom option, or Create New Schedule.
    • Note the expected schedule of refreshes.
    • To view the job status, follow the Go to Jobs page to view status link. It opens the Jobs interface in a new browser tab.
    • Click Create to save the scheduled analytic view refresh.
    setting up the schedule for refreshing the analytical view