Wrapping Column Contents

You can wrap content in table columns. If the text does not wrap, you can hover over the text to view full text.

This topic includes the following sections:

Wrap Content

To wrap content in tables and queries columns, navigate to the Table Style menu, and select the Wrap column contents option.

Displaying 'Wrap column contents' option

In the table on the right, note how the content in the first column wraps after selecting this option.

Displaying content wrap in one of the rows in the first column

Hover to View Full Text

If the Wrap column contents option is not selected, and the text does not fit the width of the column, the text is displayed with three dots at the end. In our example, the highlighted column text is displayed as Battery Park City.... Hover over the text to view the full text, Battery Park City-Lower Manhattan.

Displaying full text on hovering over the text