Trellis on Dimensions

Trellising charts on dimensions produces multiple charts that focus on a distinct section of data.

Trellising on One Dimension

In this example, the field un_region becomes a trellising dimension when we place it on the X shelf of a map visual.

This setup produces a trellised version of a map visual, on one dimension.

Trellised on One Dimension - Map

Notice that you can trellis many of the charts where the X and Y shelves are optional, by placing the field that represents the partition there.

When using mandatory shelves, such a X Axis and Y Axis on bar visuals, place two dimensions on the shelf. Arcadia Enterprise uses the first field to trellis the visual, and the second field in the visual itself.

Trellising on Two Dimensions

You can take it one step further, and define a secondary trellis for your visuals by placing yet another dimension on the Y shelf.

Here, we use the year field both on the Y shelf and on the Filters shelf, selecting years 1910, 1960, and 2010 to demonstrate the comparable populations across continents, and in 50-year increments.

This setup produces a map visual that is trellised on two dimensions, UN Region and Year.

Trellised on Two Dimensions - Map