Upgrade Considerations for Workspaces

Starting with Release, Arcadia Enterprise uses Workspaces by default. These workspaces contain dashboards.

Each user has her own Private workspace, and the instance has a single shared Public workspace. Some users can create custom workspaces to manage access to dashboards for defined user roles.

There are three types of workspaces:

To move a dashboard from one workspace to another workspace, you must have Manage dashboards permissions.

To edit or view a dashboard, you must have the necessary Dataset-level permissions: Manage dashboards or View dashboards. Additionally, when working in a custom workspace, you must receive the adequate access permissions from the owner or manager of that workspace, as described in Publishing Datasets.

When moving a dashboard that contains a linked visual that appears in multiple dashboards, Arcadia Enterprise offers two options: to clone it, or to move it.

Migration Notes

When you migrate to Release from an earlier release, Arcadia Enterprise places all visuals and dashboards in the public workspace.