Using Fixed Dates (Date Picker) Mode

In Arcadia Enterprise, the fixed date mode in a date filter enables you to select a subset range of dates for visualization.

This article describes how to use a date picker in a calendar heat map visual.

The following steps use a calendar heat map visual, such as the one described in Calendar Heat Map Visuals, which is built on the dataset SFPD Incidents [data previously imported into Arcadia from the datafile, data source default.sfpd_incidents]. If you have not already done so, import the datafile into Arcadia Enterprise, and then define the SFPD Incidents dataset.

  1. Open SFPD Incidents - Calendar Heat Map, created according to the instructions in Calendar Heat Map Visuals.
  2. Under Dimensions, select date, drag it to the Filters shelf of the visual, and drop it to add it to the shelf.

  3. At the top left corner of the Visual Designer, click Save.

    clicking to save
  4. Start a new dashboard: click New Dashboard.
  5. In the Visual Designer, in the left menu area, click the Shared Visuals tab.
  6. Ensure that you are using the SFPD Incidents dataset, and click SFPD Incidents - Calendar Heat Map visual.

  7. Note that the visual appears in the main area of the interface.

  8. In the menu area, click the Filters tab.
  9. Under the Dimensions category, click the date field.

  10. Note that this adds a filter to the dashboard. This filter is based directly on the field date, and has a type timestamp.

  11. Note that the dashboard filter contains the date range for the entire dataset; in this case, it is from 2003-01-01 through 2014-12-31.

  12. To see the date picker interface, on the filter, click the (calendar) icon, and select the Fixed Dates option from the menu.

  13. You can also click the date dashboard filter to see the date picker interface.

  14. Note that you can change the date range in various ways:

    • By selecting the default options Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days, This Month, or Last Month options
    • By changing the date entries for FROM and TO fields
    • By picking the start and end dates directly on the calendar interface
  15. Change the date range to 2010-01-01 through 2010-12-31, and click Apply.

  16. Note that the visual output is now limited to the 2010 calendar year, and that the application filter shows this new date range.

  17. Name and save the application. We used the name SFPD Incidents Date Picker.