Filtering 2: by Region

When working with a very large set of data, it is necessary to quickly access and examine a specific subset of information. Arcadia Enterprise gives you the ability to filter information on all fields of the dataset. This example shows how to use such a filter to limit the result set and visualization to a particular geographic region.

Tip. This demonstration uses the visual previously created in Bar Visuals. Clone it, and make the changes to the duplicate visual.

To use this visual to see a bar chart for a region, such as Oceania, follow these steps.

  1. Add the field un-region to the Filters shelf, and set its value to Oceania:

    • On the Filter shelf of the visual, click the icon to the right of the field.

    • In the Filter Properties menu, click Select values.

      selecting values
    • In the Filter for un_region modal window, select Oceania, then click Apply.

  2. Click Refresh Visual.
  3. Note how the bar visual changed to show only the countries in the Oceania UN Region.

  4. Remove un_region from the Colors shelf, and replace it with the country field.

    Click Refresh Visual.

  5. Rename the visual.
  6. At the top left corner of the Visual Designer, click Save.

    clicking to save