Network Visuals: Node Color Shelves

By default, the nodes of the network visual have the same color. This visual has two data shelves, Source Node Color and Target Node Color, that produce a where all nodes for a category have the same color value.

To specify the color of the nodes, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Region Name field to the Source Node Color shelf.

  2. Add the Region Name field to the Target Node Color shelf.
  3. For both shelves, ensure that the aggregation function is max().
  4. [Optional] Alias the fields on the shelves. We alias the fields as Region Name to hide the necessary aggregation information.
  5. Remove the round field from the Filter shelf. We only left one filter in place, Year in (2017).
  6. Click Validate & Save.
  7. Click Refresh Visual.
  8. Notice how much easier it is to distinguish between the nodes that represent different regions. Here, we show the tooltips for a South and West region:

    Specifying the Node Color shelves
    Specifying Node Color on Network Visual