Scatter Visuals

Scatter charts (or scatter plots) have points that show the relationship between two sets of data. They are great for detecting groupings or patterns in a large set of data points.

Arcadia Enterprise enhances scatter charts by adding a third 'dimension', color, described in Basic Scatter Visual. And when you think of it, controlling the size of the marks that represent individual data points, as we do in Adding Size to Scatter Visuals, effectively adds another dimension. A special feature of scatter graphs enables us to add a regular increment, such as time, to create an animated representation of data in Adding Transition Animation to Scatter Visuals. Lastly, to more clearly see individual data points, we can divide the data along natural categories to create side-by-side charts by Adding Trellises to Scatter Visuals.

Availability Note.

This visual type supports smooth rendering of streaming data.

For an overview of shelves that specify this visual, see Shelves for Scatter Visuals.