Unlinking Visuals

A linked visual may be unlinked to break the sharing across dashboards.

The following steps demonstrate how to unlink a visual.

  1. In Visual Designer, on the dashboard sheet, hover over the visual until its control widgets appear.

    Click the (edit/pencil) icon at the top of the visual to start editing the visual.

    start editing a visual
  2. Open the supplemental menu by clicking the (ellipsis) icon.

    Note that this visual appears as Linked, and the information about it being used in two distinct dashboards.

    open supplemental menu
  3. From the menu, select Unlink.

    unlinking a visual
  4. When a visual appears in multiple dashboards, it cannot be unlinked. However, it can be cloned. Confirm the operation by clicking Clone.

    confirming the cloning instead
  5. Note that after you unlinked the visual by cloning it, it no longer has a Linked specification.

    In fact, it is completely independent of the original visual, and its title is Clone of …[Original Name].

    linked visual
  6. You may chose to change the title of the visual to the original title, or use something different.

  7. At the top left corner of the Visual Designer, click Save.

    clicking to save
  8. Click Close to return to editing the dashboard sheet.
  9. Notice that the visual no longer has the designation in the lower right corner.