Release Notes,

Arcadia Enterprise

(ArcViz, ArcEngine

This document contains release notes for Arcadia Enterprise.

Internet Explorer

This release addresses several rendering issues when using Arcadia Enterprise through the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Most significantly, Map visuals plot correctly.

We are now Beta certifying Arcadia Enterprise with Internet Explorer.

Scheduling Emails

Two new parameters in email scheduling provide specific information on the origin of the triggering event:

  • Current Username

    This parameter appears as <<arcadia_user_id>> in the Email Visual set-up window modal. It provides the information on the user whose actions triggered the email, such as the following:

  • Relative Link

    This parameter appears as <<relative_url>> in the Email Visual set-up window modal. It provides the relative link of the sending app or dashboard, such as the following:


See the updates in the following articles: Adding Job Parameters to Emails, Adding Job Parameters to Scheduled Emails, and Adding Job Parameters to Threshold Emails.

Disabling Scheduled Emails in Embedded Mode

Starting with this release, users of Arcadia Enterprise in embedded mode can disable scheduled jobs after navigating to the Jobs interface. The Jobs interface is at the following URL, where server_ip:server_port is the address and port for the machine that hosts ArcViz.


Note that management of email jobs depends on the user's account type. Admin users can view everyone's job logs, manage scheduled jobs, and even manage schedule intervals. Regular users can view only their own job logs, and manage only their own scheduled jobs.