Immediate Email

Arcadia Enterprise enables you to share existing visuals with other users on an ad-hoc basis.

Follow these steps to email a visual, a sheet, or a dashboard of your choice. This can be accomplished either from Edit mode, or from View mode. Also, note the information about Adding Job Parameters to Emails.

  1. See the initial steps described in Emailing Dashboards, Sheets, and Visuals.
  2. In the Email Visual/Email Current Sheet/Email Dashboard modal, select the option Email now.
  3. In the Email Detail tab, enter the following information.
    Emailing a visual (email now)
  4. Click Send.
  5. The system notifies the user that an email is being prepared.

    Sending email
  6. After the operation succeeds, Arcadia Enterprise reports it.

    Email sent successfully

You may choose to see the list of pending emails, cancel running jobs, or re-send an email. Click the link Go to Jobs page to view status. See Managing Jobs.

Adding Job Parameters to Emails

Arcadia Enterprise makes it easy to embed information about the visual or dashboard and the email into the message.

With your cursor in either the Subject of Message field, select the relevant parameters, and Arcadia Enterprise automatically adds them to body of that field.

The job parameters include Current Username, Visual ID/Dashboard ID, Visual Name/Dashboard Name, Visual Link/Dashboard Link, Relative Link, Job Start Time, Page Parameters, and Total Job Run Time (as of time emailed).

Emailing a visual (ad-hoc)