ArcEngine Logs

You may wish to examine the information contained in ArcEngine logs to understanding and troubleshoot various issues that occur in installations on Arcadia connections.

In the Arcadia Enterprise ArcEngine Log interface, note the following features:

ArcEngine Log Interface
ArcEngine Logs Interface
  1. Connection

    The Connection menu enables you to see the activity on another arcengine connection.

    To change the connections, you must select a new connection from the interface, which clears the interface, and then click Display Log.

    Changing the arceneing connection to obtain the new log
  2. Display Log

    This option fetches the log from the specified connection, and overrides the pause state of log reporting.

    This only displays log information for the ArcEngine nodes that are directly connected to ArcViz. It does not report comprehensive information for multi-node systems.

  3. Download Bundled Logs

    Clicking the Download Bundled Logs button opens the Download Bundled ArcEngine Logs modal window.

    This options retrieves ArcEngine logs from multiple nodes at the same time. This is the only way to retrieve all logs of multi-node systems, which is necessary to properly diagnose of ArcEngine issues for more complex installations. For details, see ArcEngine Log Bundling Utility.

  4. Log of ArcEngine Activity

    The log of ArcEngine activity appears as a flat file, posting the timestamp of the event, followed by relevant details. Note that the timestamp is in the local timezone of the ArcEngine server.

  5. Download Display

    The Download Display option enables you to save the log file to the default download file of the local system.

    The file name is of the form arcengine_yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.log. For example, a file saved on April 18, 2018 at 2:04:25 P.M. has the name arcengine_2018_04_18_14_04_25.log.

  6. Top

    You can use the Top option after scrolling down in the activity list; it resets the focus to the top of the list.

  7. Clear

    The Clear option clears the log window.

    Clearing the ArcEngine Log
  8. Continue / Pause

    The Continue option re-starts log reporting.

    The Pause option temporarily suspends log reporting.

    Continuing ArcEngine Log reports