Enabling a Continuous X Axis

You can customize a scattervisual according to your data type. To look at trends and the rate of change, use a continuous axis, that shows data at equal intervals.

Compare the continuous axis to a categorical axis that only plots values in the dataset.

Availability Notes:
  • Available only on Scatter visuals.
  • Available only on numeric and non-aggregate fields.

To use regular intervals on the X axis, navigate to the Axes menu, and select the Make X axis continuous option.

Continuous x axis option

This option is on by default.

The image on the left shows a categorical X axis with each label representing a value in the dataset, from 125 to 290 in irregular intervals. Image on the right shows a continuous X axis where labels are auto-generated to use equal intervals, from 50 to 350. Notice how enabling this feature gives a clearer visual representation of where the sodium levels fall within a range of values.

Comparing categorical axis on the left to the continuous axis on the right
Example of a Continuous X Axis