Managing Custom Dates

Arcadia Enterprise enables you to define custom sets of date ranges, and anchor them to a specific date and time. For real-time filters, you can anchor the filters to today, or to now.

You can then use these custom sets of date ranges on dashboards to filter time-based data, and help you analyze streaming input.

Availability Note. This feature is only available to users with administrative privileges.

To use the custom daterange interface, follow these steps:

  1. Click the (gear) icon to open the Administration menu, and select Custom Dates.

    Choosing Custom Dates from the Administration menu
  2. In the Manage Custom Dateranges interface, note the available actions:

    1. Click New Custom Daterange to create a new asset. See Creating New Custom Dateranges.
    2. Click (pencil/edit) icon to edit the parameters of a set of dateranges, or to start the cloning process. See Cloning Custom Date Ranges.
    3. Click (trash) icon to delete the asset. See Deleting Custom Date Ranges.
    Manage custom daterange interface