Adding Privileges

After you declare a new role in the Arcadia Enterprise RBAC system, you can start adding the various privileges.

The following steps demonstrate how to add or change privileges defined for a specific role. We are using Test Role 1, previously defined in Creating New Roles:

  1. On the main navigation bar, click , the gear icon.

  2. In the dropdown, click Manage Roles.

    Administration menu; shows App Groups, Set Homepage, Site Administration that includes Activity Log, Users & Groups (active), Manage Roles, Custom Styles, and Site Settings
    Selecting Manage Roles from Admin () Menu
  3. The Roles interface appears.

  4. In the Roles interface, next to the role to edit, click the (pencil/edit) icon.

    Editing an existing role
    Editing a Role
  5. On the Role: Test Role 1 interface, click Edit.

  6. Proceed to set the following groups of privileges:

  7. Click Save to preserve all the privilege assignments.