Interactive Map Visuals

An interactive map paints geographic details over a basic map tile layer provided by a third-party provider. Arcadia Enterprise offers several overlay layers for data display. It is an excellent choice for displaying large amounts of Geo-based information in relevant detail.

Developer Notes:
  • To use this feature, an Admin user must first specify, through the Site Settings interface, the API keys granted to your organization. This is described in Enabling API Keys for Interactive Map Visuals.
  • This visual type supports zero, one, or two field aggregations on the measures shelf. If no measure is supplied, the map will paint with an assumed value of 1. With one measure, all options use that measure. With two measures, the Heatmap, Cluster and Routes & Pins use the first measure only, while the Circles display both measures.
  • Remember that to place information onto a map or interactive map visual, the records must contain geographical information, such as valid latitude and longitude pairs, zipcodes, states, and so on. To learn how to cast dataset fields into usable type, see Change Type and Geo Type.

To learn how to use the interactive maps in their various forms, read the following articles: