Using Arcadia Smart Acceleration™

Arcadia Smart AccelerationTM makes dashboards faster.

While analytical views in Arcadia Enterprise accelerate query requests from pre-aggregated results, Arcadia Smart Acceleration simplifies and partially automates the creation of analytical views for existing dashboards.

Availability Notes:
  • Available only if App Acceleration is enabled, which is the default condition.
  • Available only on visuals and filters that are built on datasets accessed through an Arcadia Engine connection.
  • For each accelerated component, the user must have Manage dataset dataset-level permissions and Manage analytical views connection-level permissions.
  • The execution history report comes from the activity log file, as enabled in the settings AUDIT_LOGFILE entry.

The many benefits of using the Recommendation Manager include the following:

Proceed to these tasks to use Smart Acceleration™:

Note that you should consider new acceleration recommendations after each significant change to the dashboard, such as adding new visuals or filter parameters, or changing the underlying base tables.

Tip. This linked video demonstrates how Arcadia Smart AccelerationTM feature significantly improves the performance of the dashboards.